Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2017

New Make Up Stuff

Hey Beautys ❤
Today I finally have a new post about make up!!! 
These are some things I bought in the last few month.

Benefit - Dandelion twinkle
My all time fav is Mac Soft&Gentle which costs 32€ for something like 9g/0,31oz and this one is only 3g/0,1oz and it's 34€.Even though it's really good, I think the one from Mac is still better and so I'd prefer Soft&Gentle.

Mittwoch, 26. Juli 2017

Cala Millor Vacay

Hello ❤

A month ago me and my boyfriend went to beautiful Mallorca for about two weeks. 
We stayed at a hotel right by the beach in Cala Millor. On one side of the hotel were all the shops and on the other side all the restaurants, perfect place! 

Visiting our friend in Athens

Hellooo ❤

In April me and my boyfriend have been to Athens visiting our friend who lives there for about a year. I really expected anything from this city, because so many people told me it wouldn't be a nice and clean. But wow, where have they been? It's actually really really pretty! So cute like in a movie everywhere little lights and so much plants in the coffees!! Everywhere you go, in every coffee you see are small lights and plants - so so cozy!